"Up to You" LARUICCI IN Bullet Magazine !

And it really is up to you how many earrings you choose to wear out of your Laruicci pair because Bullet Magazine have proved one looks just as good as two, as featured in their story "Up to You" in their October issue. Shop Bewitched whether it's for "earring" or earrings.

Styled by 

LARUICCI in Nakid Magazine!

Thank you to Nakid Magazine for presenting the Snake Bite Body Chain the way it looks best-with little else, in their story "Controlla" also featuring the Viscious Necklace.

Styled by Xina Giatas (@blonderexic)

LARUICCI in Rogue Magazine!

The Age of Velvet seems to be upon us in case you somehow hadn't noticed, "Velvet Stardust" being the ultimate Bowie X Velvet love story, expressed by Rogue Magazine in their November issue, featuring the Aurora Delight and Holiday Delight Rings.


Styled by Ursula M. Agurto (@uma.fashioneditor)
Photographed by Shevon Miller (@shotbynovesh)

LARUICCI in The Dapifer Magazine

The Dapifer's "Midnight Jessamine" blooms the darkest of flowers in the Divino Ring.

Styled by Ursula M. Agurto (@uma.fashioneditor)
Photographed by Shevon Miller (@shotbynovesh)

Model: Elena Azzaro @Supreme Management)

Fallen Back, LARUICCI in Pony Boy Magazine!

Double the Laruicci love equals this magical number. This Megawatt explosion of colour and glamour is the creation of  Ponyboy Magazine's November story on "Fallen Back-Coats". Neck cuffs by special request .

Styled by Xina Giatas (@blonderexic)

Photographed by Alexander Thompson (@alexanderthmpsonphotographer)

Model: Ziayla Pizarro (New York Model Management)